Refill fuel efficeny and consumption calculator app for the Apple iPhoneLanguage
Refill Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emission App on First and Second Place in the Apple App Store in the Category Finance in 2012, 2013 and 2014
Refill is the
leading iOS app
to monitor
fuel efficiency.
Just fill up your car,
and let Refill do all the math for you. And the looks.
Refill Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emisson Logbook runs on 3.5 and 4.0 inch iPhones like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and 3rd Generation iPod touch and newer
Say hello to your best investment
since on the road
By simply storing four values of your fuel receipts to this app, Refill manages to compute all the important calculations it needs to show detailed charts and figures about your rides. Refill helps to understand the impact of your drive style in order to reduce fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and the related costs.

We went the extra mile
and made adding an invoice best-in-class

Storing an Invoice in the Refill iPhone App

We've put a lot of effort in helping you adding a new invoice within seconds. The whole interface is custom design — even the date and time picker.
In order to store a receipt only four values are necessary — and you can even leave out the date and the time, if you want Refill to interpret it as »now«.
Finally, save your invoice as a full or partial fillup. The rest is being calculated by Refill.

In addition, if you find yourself in low light conditions Refill offers an in-app-torch (for devices with LED-light on the back).
And for a quick undo, simply shake your device to clear all text fields.

Please note: Fuel consumption and CO2-emissions are only calculated from full to full refills.

You only get the big picture
with your Refill app
Evaluate all of your Refills in one big scroll view

One giant scroll view aggregates all the necessary data of each stored receipt. It gives a great overview — literally. And even on devices with smaller screens like the iPhone 4 or even earlier models you won't miss a pixel real estate.

Refill offers these benefits
The Refill iPhone App calculates the fuel consumption of your car
Fuel Consumption
or km/Litre
or MPG (UK,US),
Fuel efficiency trend
The Refill iPhone App calculates the Price of your fuel
Gas Price Breakdown
Price/Litre or Price/Gallon
Gas price and percentage change
Gas price trend
Total costs
The Refill iPhone App calculates the driven Range
Driven Range
Kilometer or Miles
The Refill iPhone App calculates the CO2 Emissons of your car
g/km CO2
Refill Feature The Refill iPhone App calculates the volume of your last fill up
Fill up
Litre or Gallon
The Refill iPhone App calculates the days since your last fill up
Day Count
Days since last Fill up
Refill App Export aller aufgezeichneten Spritverbräuche
Easier input of any receipt
in low light conditions
iPhone fuel consumption app highlighting chievements
See your most efficient drive
MPG calculator iPhone app with CSV export
Cost per Distance
Cost per Mile or
Cost per Kilometer (as set)
The Refill iPhone App sends the exported file to every email-address you wish
CSV Export
*.CSV/TXT file format
(for an easy import in
Excel, Numbers and many others)
Available for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
in German, English and French
System Requirements: iOS 8.0+
Refill supports 3,5 and 4 inch sizes, iOS 8.0 or higher system requirement
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